1. Wherever in these Rules and Regulations the word “lessee” is used, it shall be taken to apply to and include Lessee and his or her servants, clerks, employees, agents and other representatives, visitors, customers, clients, patients, and common carriers and is to be deemed of such number and gender as the circumstances required.  The word “rooms” is to be taken to include the space covered by Lease.  The word “Lessor” shall be taken to include any agent of Lessor.
  2. The streets, sidewalks, parking lots, alleyways, entrances, common area, halls, passages, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed by Lessee, or used by Lessee for any other purpose than for ingress and egress.
  3. Subject to strikes, accidents, need for repairs or improvements and any and all other causes beyond Lessor’s reasonable control, Lessor will furnish without extra charge a reasonable amount of interior light, heat and elevator service.
  4. Toilet rooms, water-closets and other water apparatus shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were constructed. Common use toilet rooms will be maintained, cleaned and lavatory supplies provided by Lessor.
  5. Lessee shall not do anything in the leased space, or bring or keep anything therein, which will in any way increase or tend to increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance, or which shall conflict with the regulations of the Fire Department or the fire laws, or with any insurance policy on the Facility or any part thereof, or which shall in any way conflict with any law, ordinance, rule or regulation affecting the occupancy and use of said leased space, which are or may hereafter be enacted or promulgated by any public authority or by the Board of Fire Underwriters.
  6. Lessees use and occupancy of the leased space may include the storing of personal property; provided, however, the property stored upon the leased space shall not be extra-hazardous, disreputable, or illegal.  Lessee shall not use of knowingly permit any part of the leased space to be used for any unlawful purpose or use the leased space so as to make void or voidable any insurance in force with respect thereto or which will cause or be likely to cause structural damage to the Facility or any part thereof, or which will constitute a public or private nuisance, nor shall Lessee use or permit the leased space to be used in any manner which will violate any present or future laws or any regulations of any governmental authority.  Lessee may not use the leased space for residential purposes.  Lessee shall be solely responsible for furnishing a lock to secure the self-storage leased space, except if Lessee fails to lock the leased space, Lessor may, but is not required to, furnish a lock to secure the leased space.
  7. In order to insure proper use and care of the leased space Lessee shall not be permitted to:
    • (a) Keep animals, fish or birds on the leased space.
    • (b) Use leased space as sleeping apartments.
    • (c) Use leased space for any residential purposes.
    • (d) Allow any sign, advertisement or notice to be fixed to the leased space and/or Facility, inside or
      outside, without Lessor’s consent.
    • (e) Commit improper or unreasonable noises or disturbances of any kind within the leased space and/or
      Facility.  Including sing, play or operate any musical instrument, radio or television, which is the
      judgment of Lessor might disturb Lessor or other tenants, without first securing consent of Lessor.
    • (f) Mark or deface elevators, water-closets, toilet rooms, walls, light fixtures, windows, doors (passage
      and/or overhead garage) or any part of the leased space and/or the Facility.
    • (g) Throw trash, dirt or other substances into halls, stairways, elevators or common areas of the
      Facility.  Common trash and recycling containers are provided by Lessor for Lessees use throughout
      the Facility.
    • (h) Fasten any article, drill holes, drive nails or screws into the walls, floors or partitions nor shall the
      same be painted, papered or otherwise covered or in any way marked or broken within the leased
    • (i)  Operate any machinery within the leased space.
    • (j)  Interfere with the electrical, heating, water/sewer and/or any other utility apparatus within the leased
      space and/or the Facility.
    • (k) Leave the leased space and/or the Facility without locking doors and closing overhead garage
      doors after use.
    • (l) Smoking will not be allowed within the Facility.
  1. Lessor reserves the right to make or not make any and all alterations in said leased space as may be required by Lessee, the expense of such alterations to be paid by Lessee.
  2. Lessor shall not be responsible to Lessee for any non-observance of rules and regulations on the part of other tenants of lessees.
  3. Lessor reserves the right to designate the time when and method whereby freight, furniture, safes, goods, merchandise and other articles may be brought into, moved or taken from the leased space.
  4. Lessor agrees to provide carts, pallet jacks and dollies for the common use of all tenants of the Facility.  Lessee agrees to return after use all carts, pallet jacks, dollies, to the place of origin located on the 1st floor of the Facility and in the same condition as when they took them.
  5. Lessor shall have the right to make such other and further reasonable rules and cleanliness of the Facility and leased space and for the preservation of good order therein.  Such rules and regulations will be effective upon mailing or delivering the rules or regulations to Lessee or by posting them in the nearest common area.